The Lumicenter Lighting Group has been developing and manufacturing a wide range of lighting fixtures for consumer, industrial and commercial markets for over thirty years. In order to maintain growth Lumicenter wants to position itself as a leader in the decorative lighting market, in the ‘affordable design’ category, through its sub-brand Lumidec. The repositioning is also largely due to its significant investment in LED lighting technology.

Demand: The challenge presented by the company was to reorganise the design process, as well as other emerging demands – yet to be defined. In this sense, DUCO helped Lumicenter to identify opportunities for improving their management of the design process since this focus was identified as essential for achieving the company’s objectives.

Approach: The project was structured in two parts: a quantitative benchmark (from the data collected within the company) and qualitative benchmark (from the research of case studies). The first part was performed with the intention to understand the design activities in Lumicenter and how they are really performing, the second part was to identify relevant practices and opportunities from other companies that could improve on the issues raised in part one.

Delivery: A design management benchmark was compiled and delivered to the directors responsible for design in Lumicenter. They could see for themselves how they compared against a sample of other lighting manufacturers. This presentation was followed with an intense interactive exercise where a wide range of different design and management practices were presented to Lumicenter and they had to decide on their suitability for the company. Both the benchmark and best practice card set serves as a resource dedicated to Lumicentre to assist in decision making and planning.

Lumicenter has since gone on to win several prestigious design and industry awards.