In Brazil, the WAP name has become synonymous to the high pressure washer. The verb “wapear” came to be conjugated by all consumers who perceive the quality and usefulness of WAP solutions as an opportunity to perform their cleaning tasks in a more efficient and easy way. WAP produces a diverse line of equipment in addition to pressure washers for home use including professional washers, vacuum cleaners and fans.

Demand: For the development of its products, WAP used to hire external designers and design consultancies. However it recognised the need to develop its own design capacity in order to raise the standard of its products, improve new product processes and homogenise the product range.

Approach: DUCO initiated the studies by applying the Business Design Intelligence benchmark, which helped to visualize all aspects of design use by the company. It helped the directors at WAP to understand the path ahead of them and what stages are required to achieve the integrated design department they were aiming for. This was followed up with the best practice exercise, which resulted in a wish list of design and management practices for the company.

Delivery: The benchmark report and best practice case cards were instrumental in informing other senior members of the WAP board about the challenge ahead for them. Since the exercise, DUCO has been a regular consultant on Design Management in WAP in establishing WAP’s internal design department.